“After shadows of the clouds”

National recital competition of Yavorov poetry“After shadows of the clouds”

Organizers: Chirpan Mucipality, House-museum “Peyo K.Yavorov”

The jury: Antoaneta Dobreva (Nety)- chairman and members of the jury - Dobrin Vekilov (Dony) and Teofana Mitrova will rate the performers by the following criteria:

- Correctly interpreted text and logical performing of the essential emotions

- Artistic performance

- Good diction

- Public interaction

Contest rules:

1. A contest participant performs one poem or a compilation of Yavororov poems.

2. Participant are divided in the following groups by age:

- І-ІV grade

- V-VІІІ grade

- ІХ-ХІІ grade

3. The contest has the following sections:

- Sole performance

- Group performance

Date: 06.06.2013 (Thursday) at 14:30 h in Chirpan municipality hall.

Dead line for applications: 5.06.2013

Addres: Chirpan, 87 “George Dimitrov” Blvd.

History museum – on the behalf of House-museum “Peyo K.Yavorov”

or e-mail: javorovch@abv.bg

Contact: 0889 59 42 93

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